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Zeke's Adrovdgas graciously makes it posssible for us to bring this page to you without them which we wouldn't be able to afford it because there isn't that much money in the world except in the hands of self centered, greedy multi-national entrepreneurs like Zeke and his sometimes partner Charlie for which we are very grateful...I think.
"Of all the websites I have ever seen, this is one of them!" - Charlie Muggins
"It's a real bugar, Bo!" - Sam Hardcider
"Do you have any candy, mister?" - Hot Rod
"Keesno brovniak." - Cooper Koszmorzie

http://n3crk.ddns.net:8000/tty Print Teletype News from Newser, newsforkids.net, Canada and Australia
http://n3crk.ddns.net:8000/retype, Print Teletype News from 1910 Through 1989 retyped from the originals
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All Teletype streams - Mark-2125, Space-2295 (170-Shift) 45.45-Baud (60-speed)

I have added a bell to the end of each article in all streams.
After the bell there will be several seconds of LTRS then seveal seconds of steady mark, if you want to turn your motor off at the end of an article.

http://n3crk.ddns.net:8000/trax.m3u Listen to the Rabbit Trax Radio Shows - Radio Comedy with Tom Hunter (Recorded for 'Yesterday USA' Satellite Radio 1991-1992)
http://n3crk.ddns.net:8000/country.m3u Listen to Country Music with Stanley Youghman the 24/7 DJ

Tom in hobby studio, 1998
N3CRK Ham Radio
My RTTY Repeater
My Teletypes
My Teletype Wiring
Cleaning a model 28 TD
Teletype Tone Files
Video of My Model 15 Printing
Video - Removing Model 15 Keytops
Voice Repeaters
How I Linked the Repeaters
Why I returned my Bridgecom BCH-220
Items Free to a Good Home
Build a Quick and Simple Tower Sidemount
Don't throw away that toolbox, repair the hinge
Friends who are now Silent Keys

Tom, Chigaco 1967 WACI - Chicago
Army Digest Article
Article by Tom Hunter

Tom as Sam Hardcider, 1999 Hobbies
Recording DJ Shows
Location Recording
Listen to Geoff Ide's Music (1963 & 1971)
Listen to the first (and last) Ingomar Folk Festival (1964)
Listen to the "Businessmen in Jazz" Benefit Concert for Camp Achievement (1968)
Listen to the Eddie Mack Orchestra (1973)
Listen to Jim Davis sing Country songs (1979)
Listen to the Tom George Quartet (2008)
Listen to Mike Doro Sing (2008)
Listen to Helen Comber & Kevin Milliken Christmas (2011)
Former TVRO and CATV

ginger Rabbit, 1992 The Rabbit Trax Radio Shows

Adrovdga - BEWARE! Information On Adrovdgas
The Fine Art Of Adrovdga Cookery
A Cook's Nightmare
The Adrovdga Hunt

Drawing courtesy of Lee Hollihan Original Stories by Tom Hunter
The Barn - 1962
A Radio Script (With Sound Effects) - 1962
The Case For Chewing Tobacco - 1966
Zeke And The Letter (A Children's Story) - 1966
The Horror On Rat-Fink Hill - 1966
The Megazome Project - 1967-1996
Ecology Two (Radio Script) - 1972
Holiday (A Radio Play For Children) - 1975
Cultural Background - 1978
A Brief History Of The Verse Of Lenz-Veronos - 1979
Sherlock Holmes And The Computer - 1979
The Adventure Of The Happy Cat (Radio Script) - 1991
The Lives And Times Of Stram Drocer (Updated 18 DEC 2009)
An Occurance At Owl Creek Bridge according to Tom Hunter (05 MAY 2001)
The Dunwich Horror according to Tom Hunter (17 MAY 2001)

Drawing courtesy of Lee Hollihan
Some of Tom's Favorite Files
The Fat Man Cometh And He's Gone, Man, Gone
Born Again Backwards Bob
A Letter From Reverend Elton Jones
A Questionaire - 1961
"Vedhra" by James Luke - 1962
A "Murder" Staged On The Campus Of Duquesne University
A "Doo-Wop" Primer Courtesy of Tom Blazanin

Tom's Arc Experiment The Alternate Scientist
Arc Experiment
Hieronymous Experiment
Hodowanec Offset Experiment
Thoughts On Whistlers
G-Line - A 1955 Application Of Scalar Technology?
Improvising A Wired-Wireless Intercom
Building A DMM Battery Eliminator
Building A Hamel Spinner
Building A Jacob's Ladder
Building A Suicide Cord
Building The TOMI-2 Linear Permanent Magnet Motor

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Father Rodney's Radio Programs (complete)

Dolfi's Restaurant, Masontown PA

Garcia's Latin Market, Morgantown WV

Ralph Garcia - Fitness Training

George Benjamin Gapen - Man of Mediums!

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