The Adrovdga Hunt

A Slide Presentation by Thomas H. Hunter

Allison Park, Pennsylvania - 196?

Talent - Tom Hunter and Dave Schmidt

Photographed in North Park, Allegheny County PA

The Adrovdga migration - the endless search for that swamp which is the home of the Primal Adrovdga Tree

It's at this time, when the adrovdgas are at their fiercest, that small goroups of daring hunters set up along the route of the migration. From these command posts the hunt is directed.

Low flying heliocopters search out the adrovdgas, guiding the hunters to them by wireless.

A wary hunter holds a trapped adrovdga at bay until help arrives, although he knows that his clumsy weapon is no match for long fangs and sharp claws should the terrified adrovdga attack!

If the adrovdga is a small one, the Squashman takes over, his weapon poised at the ready should the adrovdga stick its vicious beak out.

But if the adrovdga is a large one, the Adrovdga Gaff is brought to the scene and readied while the Axeman stands guard.

A large adrovdga may wait motionless for hours and the Gaffer must be constantly alert for, when the adrovdga comes out, its first aim will be to violently attack him.

Its a hard thankless job, and there are casualties, but the true adrovdga hunter knows the quarry and waits patiently for his prize.