A Murder Staged On The Campus Of Duquesne University

As narrated by Ralph ODell

It was a very simple April first bit.

All there were were five chatacters - Mouse (Ron Waskowics Trale) who is a slight, fragile looking person; (Charles) Puff who is six foot four, big and tough looking; Frank (York) who was driving the car; and Jack (d'Atri) and Ralph (O'Dell) who were planted nearby.

Right at noon, when practically all the students on the campus, and many of the professors too, were passing the cafeteria, Mouse came out the side door of the cafeteria building dressed in a typical college-type outfit.

Puff was waiting outside in a dirty brown trenchcoat, hair messed up, mean-looking. About this time Puff grabbed Mouse and slammed him up against the wall while carrying on about Mouse better leave his wife alone and his wife hadn't been home for five days and he blamed Mouse for it.

After about five minutes of this raging, Puff whipped out a .22 blank pistol, shot Mouse about five times and ran off down the street. Mouse grabbed at his shirt pocket, squashing a large bag of watered-down catsup, which "bled" realistically all over his shirt and the ground, and took a convincing dive to the sidewalk - Whap!

At this cue, Jack and Ralph ran over and, continuing the act, carried Mouse to the corner where they flagged down a passing car, driven by Frank who started when he heard the shots, climbing inside themselves.

Then they rode off down the street, laughing like idiots.