George Benjamin Gapen - Man of Mediums!

Geroge fell asleep in the Lord on July 23, 2019.
He was a friend and I hope I am honoring him by making his former website part of mine. t.h.

Icons of the Orthodox Shrine of St. Panteleimon
Religious Paint
Commercial Art
"Our Lady Of Walsingham" Manuscript

All Images Copyright by George Benjamin Gapen

December 2008

Pantocrator (in progress)

21 July 1984

Bigtop Artiste
12" X 16" - Acrylic on Canvas
(Based on the B&W photo Circus Artiste taken by August Sender in Cologne, 1926)

Still Life With Snake Plant And Books
18" X 24" - Oil on Canvas Textured Paper
(First painting as a CU student)

California Co-ed
8" X 11" - watercolor

Waiting In Oglethorpe's Lobby
11" X 15" - Acrylic on Canvas

Self Portrait
8" X 10"

Impressionistic Landscape
Acrylic on Canvas

Virginia (George's Mother t.h.)
Acrylic on Canvas

Ocean Sunset
14" X 10" - Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
February 24, 2005

Scottish Castle
36 x 24 inch Acrylic
July 2008

Whiteley Creek
16 x 20 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
July 2008

(This is my favorite. With George's permission, I have a copy of it hanging in my living room. t.h.)
16 x 20 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
July 2008

Grand Canyon
16 x 20 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
October 2008

Autumn Sunset
36 x 24 inch Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

4" X 6"

Each face about 4" X 6"
July 12, 1988

Each paper 9" X 12"
February 11, 1967
Letter from L. Harold DeWolf

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