Free to a Good Home

For me, it is always time to get rid of things I no longer need.
I throw out things that are total junk, but I hate to throw out usable items.
These things are free to a good home - that means you will actually use them or pass them on to another ham.
You also will have to come and pick up what you want.
Everything is as-is. You can see it and check it out. If you don't want it, you don't have to take it.

14-conductor Ribbon Cable.
This may actually be a full 100 foot roll.

B&K 1201 SR Video Modulator (Probably works)
See information on this unit from Radio-Electronics Magazine, October 1989

Several Assorted Slave Clocks - Definitely As-Is

Standard 1400 Master Clock to drive Slave Clocks
I don't know if I have slave clocks for this, but we can look.

24 Volt Battery Charger
This thing is pretty hefty, but I don't use 24 Volt batteries.

Blonder-Tongue Commercial Channel 13 TV Antenna in Unopened Box
The box is about 78 inches long.

Bogen 100 Watt P.A Amplifier
I used this for the speeches after the Masontown PA Memorial Day Parade for about 10 years.
Last year the controls were so dirty it was useless. I don't trust control cleaner to last year after year, so I bought a newer amp.
Still, an occasional shot of control cleaner should make this one fine for non-critical uses.
Besides the common low inpedances, it has a 70-Volt oputput which I connected to two 1/4" jacks.