N3CRK RTTY Repeater

443.3/ 448.3

Requested for compatibility:
170 Shift, Mark 2125, Space 2295, 60 Speed, 45.45 Baud

No tones are required for access.
Right now it is basically a voice repeater.
I hope some day to require TTY tones to key it up.

Since no one has ever used the repeater besides me and since power rates keep going up and up,
I have added a master switch and am keeping it shut down until I see some interest devlop.

My RTTY Repeater

At the top is the modulation meter and speaker driven by a 70V speaker line from a scanner in the house.

Below that is a military Dovetron driven from the speaker jack on the receiver.
The Dovetron operates a 255A polar relay on the wall which keys a neutral 60 mA loop.

The 443.3 transmit Icom F221S has a bad receiver. The 448.3 receiver has a bad transmitter.
Why waste them when I can use them as they are?
I like the Icoms because I am familiar with them and can program them.

To the left of the radios is a female "N" connector tied to my ground system with #8 wire.
I kept the antenna plugged in to that for safty until I got the repeater built.

At the bottom left is the 12V power supply. On top of that is the Ham Gadgets controller.

At bottom center is the better of two Chinese duplexers that I have.
Above that is a hamfest 40 watt amplifier with two added fans operated by the controller.
A 24VAC wall wart operates relays in the house for fans on a Leixen VV898 and an ICOM 221S that I use for tranmitting to my own repeater.

On the right (in the electrical box) is the interface for the receiver. (Originally I had a 220 receiver also and needed 2 boxes to combine the two.)

I have my Tram 1450 antenna at about 35 feet and fed with LMR400.

The coverage is not bad. Like my two voice repeaters, I cover much of Greene County, PA. and well down into West Virginia.
But my coverage into my own Fayette County, PA is poor due to terrain.

The 255A polar relay on my Teletype wall..
It is connected to a BNC output of the Dovetron with RG59 which was has a BNC plug on the Dovetron end.
It is mounted so the contacts are horizontal.
The lower wire can plug into any of my four Teletype loops.