N3CRK builds a quick and simple tower sidemount

Hams always need ways to mount antennas. A tower sidemount can be useful.
These days I build them using thinwall electrical conduit (EMT). 1/2" is fine for a light antenna.
For a heavier antenna, say for 2-meters, use 3/4" EMT.
If you don't have a conduit bender, you will need to find a friendly person who does. If you are near Point Martion, PA call me on my 224.5 / 443.675 repeater.
This one took me about 15 minutes to build. Here is how I did it.

Material: 5' length of 1/2" EMT electrical conduit.
(If you need the antenna farther from the tower, use a longer length of conduit.)

Step 1: Mark the conduit 6 inches from one end and 12 inches from the other.
Step 2: Put the arrow on the conduit bender at your 6 inch mark. In this photo the short end is to the right.
Bend the 6 inch end at 90 degrees.

To make the 12 inch bend, the six inch bend must hang straight down. I use a step.
Step 3: Again putting the arrow at the 12 inch mark, make another 90 degree bend. Keep the two bends in the same plane.

The wide angle camera lens distorts the picure. Both bends are really 90 degrees.

Step 4: Mount the antenna on the 6 inch end.
I used 2-inch automotive hose clamps clamps with this antenna.
Tape the coax to the EMT up to the where the tower leg will be.

Remember to stretch about three turns tightly but cut the tape with scissors and do not stretch the last half turn or so.
That will keep the end from unraveling.

Mount the assembly on a tower. Use two 2-inch hose clamps on the tower leg.
Use a third clamp on a gird to keep the sidemout from swinging in the wind. My clamp is 1-1/2 inches.

My finished sidemount with a homebrew 220 MHz antenna. This is experimental, so I used RG58 and did not tape it to the tower leg.