N3CRK Teletype Wiring

My Radio Building

The reel to the left of the door is an air hose.
The tarp to the left of the door is covering my Harbor Freight parts washer.
I will refill it with Simple Green and water next summer and continue to clean Teletypes.
I also have an ultrasonic cleaner and am learning to clean carburetors. It will also be handy for cleaning small Teletype parts.

The Teletype Wall

Top Left - Idle Line Motor Control
Turns on the Teletype motor on data or a momentary break.
Turns it off again if the loop has been idle for five minutes.
Also plugged into it is a 24VAC Wall Wart which operates relays in the house to control two other Teletypes.

Top Center:
100-0-100 mA meter which can be patched into any loop.

Top Right:
Polar Relay on output of the Dovetron.

Below and to the left:
Another 100-0-100 mA meter.

Bottom Left:
Old hamfest find 4-Bay Patch Panel. Each horizontal row is a separate loop.
All my jacks have the tip positive and the sleeve negative.

Bottom Center:
Relay on loop output of IRL-1000 Terminal Unit To allow the contacts to be patched to any Loop.
Relay - contacts operate the local loop in W.U. 28 KSR. The coil can be patched to any loop.

Bottom Right:
RJ45 to connect four loops to Cat-5 that runs 100 feet to the House.
Barrier Strip from two Teletype jacks on ceiling - can be patched into any loop.
Barrier Strip from Dual Loop Supply.

Dual Loop Supply in rack to right.
This powers the top two loops.
Note: The panel is reversed right-to-left in the lower picture.

Radio Building ceiling:
I got tired of tripping over wires on the floor so I put jacks on the ceiling above the Teletypes.
These wires actually hang straight down.
Left to right: Convenience outlets for 28 ASR and KSR.
Loop jacks for 28 ASR and KSR
Idle Line Motor Control Outlet for one Teletype.

My 28 ASR
The TD always worked. I got the keyboard and printer working well.
The Keyboard perforator is still very flaky.

Basement Teletype Repair Area:

Top on board:
Four row patch panel (thank you Bill) which exactly duplicates the one in the Radio Building.
Chinese 100 mA meter which can be patched into any loop.

Bottom on board:
Three 3-Circuit Jacks that can be patched into any 2-Circuit loop.
Three 3-Circuit Jacks powered by local loop supply in rack below model 15.
The boxes and the sleeves are grounded!

On Block Wall:
Outlet box: bottom outlet always hot for Loop Supply.
Top outlet switch for Model 15 - On-Off-Relay from Idle Line Motor Control in Radio Building.
(box with yellow romex) Convenience outlet to power test setup.

To left of model 15:
eBay 100 mA meter which can be patched into any loop.
Teletype oiler with 88970 Teletype Oil.
My model 15 (Thank you Bill) has already had a bath in Simple Green

The rack-mounted local loop supply under the model 15.
I built this in the 60's and recently brought the wiring up to date.

My first 28 ROTR with gearshift (Thank you Bill)
I plan to give it a bath in Simple Green next summer.

2 more ROTR's
The one on the left I was building from junk parts.
It has already had a bath but will become a parts machine.
On the right is my second complete 28 ROTR with gearshift (Thank you Don)
I plan to also give it a bath in Simple Green next summer.

My 60 Speed 28 TD (Thank you Bill)
Has had a bath.

My 100 speed TD (from eBay)
Will get a bath.
I don't have much use for it and Mr. RTTY does not have 60 speed gears!

This is the loop supply in my Hamshack that powers my third loop.
It was also built in the 60's and brought up to date.
The jack panel above it has been re-purposed for the Rolls mixer.
I have not gotten around to changing the labels yet.

This is what I mean when I say "brought up to date."
As much primary and secondary wiring as possible is contained in the electrical box instead of out in the open.
Notes:The panel is upside down. The pot is a 15K wirewound.