This setuup was at it's peak in the late 1990's.
As of 2007 it is all torn down!

TVRO and CATV Racks
On the left from top to bottom:

Hallmark Channel and Spare Monitors
NASA-TV and CSPAN-1 Monitors
DeutscheWelle and America's Store Monitors
Spare Satellite Receiver
Hallmark Channel Satellite Receiver (F3-5)
McMartin Compressor for Hallmark Channel
NASA Television Satellite Receiver (GE2-9)
Dual LNB Power Supply and Splitter for F3 Dish
Dual LNB Power Supply and Splitter for Orbitron Dish
DeutscheWelle Satellite Receiver (GE1-22)
America's Store Satellite Receiver (F3-10)
Infomercial Channel Satellite Receiver

On the right from top to bottom:

Channel 2 Strip Amp (KDKA-TV from Pittsburgh)
Channel 4 Strip Amp (WTAE-TV from Pittsburgh)
Channel 6 Strip Amp (Not in use)
Channel 7 Strip Amp (Not in use)
Channel 8 Strip Amp (WWCP-TV from Johnstown)
Channel 11 Strip Amp (WPXI-TV from Pittsburgh)
Channel 13 Strip Amp (WQED-TV from Pittsburgh)
ISS Demodulator (WCWB Ch 22 from Pittsburgh)
ISS Demodulator (WNPB Ch 24 from Morgantown)
Actuator Control for GE2 (NASA) Dish
Channel C Agile Modulator (Switcher on Console)
Channel F Agile Modulator (DeutscheWelle)
Channel K Agile Modulator (WNPB Ch 24 from Morgantown)
Channel 3 Modulator (Local Audio & Video)
Channel B Modulator (Hallmark Channel)
Channel D Modulator ()
Channel E Modulator (NASA-TV)
Channel G Modulator (CSPAN-1)
Channel I Modulator (WCWB Ch 22 from Pittsburgh)
Channel M Modulator (America's Store)
12 Port Combiner

Satellite Radio Rack

From top to bottom:

Picture Monitors for Satellite Radio Receivers
Left - Brother Stair Receiver
Center - Priemere Radio Receiver
Right - AFN Receiver
Monitor Amplifier
RCA Compressors for BBC & Brother Stair
VU Meter Panel
BBC World Service / CSPAN-1 Receiver (F3-7)
Brother Stair Receiver (G5-6)
American Freedom Network Receiver (G9-2)
Priemere Radio Network Receiver (Art Bell) (GE3-18)
Actuator Control for 6' Solid (AFN) Dish
Spare RCA Compressors

TV Control Desk

Left - Top to Bottom

Actuator Control for 6' Mesh Dish
Auxilliary Monitors
Audio/Video Switcher for Channel-C
Auxilliary Satellite Receiver

Right - Top to Bottom

Audio Metering
Audio Monitor Amp & Speaker

Far Right - Test TV on top of junk shelves

Looking South Over Some of My Satellite Dishes

From Left to Right:
6' Solid Dish for G9 (American Freedom Network)
6' Mesh Dish for GE3 (Premiere Radio Network)
12' Fiberglass dish for Satcom for F3 (CSPAN-1, Hallmark, America's Store)
12' Orbitron Mesh Dish for GE1 (DeutscheWelle)
12' Fiberglass Dish for GE2 (NASA-TV)

Rear View of My Radio Building

Utility Pole:

Channel 4 Yagi (Pittsburgh)
Security Light

Left Tower (30' plus mast) from top to bottom:

Wide Band UHF Antenna (Pittsburgh)
Wide Band VHF Antenna (Pittsburgh)
Channel 7 Yagi (Wheeling WV)
UHF Bowtie & Reflector (Morgantown WV)


KU Dish (Not in use yet)
12' Metal Dish for Galaxy 5 (Brother Stair, Infommercial Channel)

Right Tower (50' plus mast):

Ham and Scanner Antennas

5' Fiberglass Dish and Receivers for Tom & Darryl (Until they left C-Band)