Location Recording

Location recording gear - Middle 1960's
B&O ribbon microphones with homebrew low noise preamp
Ampex 354, 7.5-15 I.P.S.
(This setup made a lot of fine recordings that still sound great today!)

August 1965 Steel City Jug Band - Jug Band Music

Listen to the "Businessmen in Jazz" Benefit Concert for Camp Achievement (1973)

Video recording setup - Early 1970's
Note Shure M-67 microphone mixer in foreground under AKG earphones

Studio at One Oliver Plaza, Pgh with Carl Ide Associates - 1971-72
(Under construction)

Listen to Geoff Ide's Music (1963 & 1971)

Hear Carl Ide read break-up copy

Ampex 354 recorder, Teac 2 mixer, B&O ribbon and Sony condenser microphones

New Year's Eve at the Apollo Elks 1973

Listen to the Eddie Mack Orchestra

Ampex 600 recorder, Sure M-67 mixer and Electro-Voice 635A microphones

February 17, 1979 Jim Davis - She Taught Me To Yodel

Tom set up to record Serb Wings Choir at St. George, Carmichaels - March 30, 2003
Old Teac Model 2 mixing 4 microphones to computer on floor, including the old B&O ribbons for the choir

March 30, 2003 Serb Wings - To Thee The Champion Leader.
(Recorded with a pair of AKG-D1000 Dynamic microphones)

Tom videotaping Lenten Vespers at St. Elijah, Aliquippa - April 24, 2005
Panasonic/Ramsa WR-133 in background mixing 2 fixed and 4 wireless microphones to stereo camcorder

Marantz PMD670 CD quality digital recorder and Samson CO3 multi-pattern condenser microphones - May 2005

April 34, 2005 Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir - Ninje Otpuscajesci

Setup to record the Dynasonics at All Saints Social Hall - Sept. 9, 2007
Alesis 16 Channel FireWire mixer, iDeq cube computer, Koss Pro4-AA Headphones.

The Dynasonics - Chocolate Soda Polka.

Tom recording the Dynasonics.

Setup to record the Albert Gallatin South Middle School Band - Dec. 6, 2007
Tascam 8x4 mixer, Behringer ADA8000, iDeq cube computer, Koss Pro4-AA Headphones.

Nady DM-80 kick drum mic, Nady DM-70 snare mic, MXL 991 overhead.

AG South Middle School Band - Christmas "a la" Big Band