The Barn

by Thomas H. Hunter

Allison Park, Pennsylvania - 1962

An English Class Composition

A chilling breeze drifts through the open windows. Flowing across the vast empty barn, the wind leaves noisily through cracks in the roof and walls. Occasionally, suddenly appearing from the vastness of the roof, a bat swoops down and flutters quickly out the open door. A musty odor blown about by the fresh night air and some rusting farm machinery pushed into a dark corner are all that remain of the days when this building was new.

In sharp contrast to the stillness of the hour however, the whole structure seems to tremble with unimaginable sound issuing from the dark walls in torrents, flooding the hollow with ghastly shrieks, eerie moans and assorted rumblings. This cacophony of almost musical sound is now and then smothered by an earsplitting blast of what unmistakably must be an antique automobile horn.

The only explanation of this strange scene seems to be a small room in a corner of the barn. For behind the one barred window of this room an obscure figure carefully moves records from huge stacks to shock-mounted turntables, his grinning face half hidden behind a microphone.

Then with a shock one suddenly realises that this old building is the famous landmark of Sleepy Hollow. This is "The Barn", the home of the Mozy.