The Adventure Of The Happy Cat

A radio script for one person
by Thomas H. Hunter

Point Marion, Pennsylvania - 11 June 1991

For Lisa VanSickle

SFX - Kitchen sounds behind

Six year old Lisa was just sitting down to a glass of milk and a peanut butter sandwich when she heard the telephone ring.

SFX - Telephone bell, Kitchen sounds out

"I wonder who that could be?" she thought.

SFX - Running footsteps under, Pick up handset

Lisa ran to the living room, picked up the handset and said, "Hello".

FX - (Read Michelle through filter mic)

"Hello Lisa. This is Michelle." Michelle was Lisa's friend from down the road. Just yesterday her parents had bought her a little kitten which she had named 'Happy'. "Lisa," cried Michelle, "Happy Cat is missing! What am I going to do?"

"Just a minute," said Lisa. "Tell me what happened."

"Well," said Michelle, "I was sitting in my comfy chair with Happy Cat on my lap. I must have fallen asleep because later I woke up and Happy Cat was gone. The door was closed so she couldn't have gotten out and I searched everywhere. I looked under the chair, and on the bed and under the bed, and all around the dresser. I even looked in the closet, but she isn't anywhere!"

"Let me think a minute," said Lisa. She knew that little kittens need a lot of sleep, so she thought of all the places Happy Cat might have been sleeping while Michelle was asleep in her big, soft comfy chair. "Is she in a dresser drawer?" asked Lisa, "or on the window sill?"

Therer was a short pause...

SFX - Drawers slam through filter mic

Then Michelle said, "No, she's not in any of those places."

"I know where she is," said Lisa. "I'll be right over." And she hung up the phone and ran out the front door.

SFX - Phone bangs, Running footsteps, Door slams, Running feet under

While Lisa is running to Michelle's house see if you can figure what happened to Happy Cat.

SFX - Footsteps run onto wood porch, Door opens, More running footsteps under

"Here I am," called Lisa as she ran to Michelle's room. Have you found Happy Cat yet?"

"No, and I'm so worried," answered Michelle.

"Well, he she is," announced Lisa as she pulled the big, floppy cushion from the comfy chair. And sure enough, a puzzled looking kitten stared up at them and blinked it's eyes. Happy Cat had slipped into the space between the cushion and the arm of the chair and had been there the whole time.

SFX - kitten meows then purrs