A radio play to be performed by children - in three parts

by Thomas H. Hunter

Allison Park, Pennsylvania

For Girl Scout Troop 698 - January, 1975

Cast of Characters

Tucker - A Mouse (High pitched voice, bright and lively)
Chester - A Cricket (Not quite so high pitched, lively)
Harry - A Cat (Lower pitched, slow, maybe a little of Eeyore)
A Young Girl

Part One

Narrator: A cricket sat on a stump. It was early afternoon of a bright summer day in Connecticut and the cricket was chirping for the sheer joy of it.

Tucker (Off Mike): Chester! Hey, Chester!

Chester: Tucker? Tucker Mouse? Is that really you? What are you doing in Connecticut?

Tucker: We just thought we'd drop in for a little visit.

Harry: Hello Chester.

Chester: Hello Harry. Welcome to Connecticut. How did you two get here?

Tucker: It's like this Chester. Ever since you left New York City, it's been kinda lonesome. And, well, Harry and me thought a vacation might do us some good. So we caught the eight-thirty special this morning for Connecticut and --- here we are.

Harry: The conductor saw Tucker and tried to chase him off the train.

Tucker: Yeah. So Harry pretended he was chasing me and the conductor yelled, "Go get him kitty!" and he went away and forgot about us.

Chester (Laughing): That was quick thinking Harry.

Harry: I kind of thought so myself.

Tucker: So we sat under an empty seat and rode the whole way out here in style. We even took a lunch to eat on the way. Oh, here, before I forget, we even saved you some liverwurst. We know how much you like it.

(Sound Effect - Cricket)

Chester: Why thanks! I don't get much liverwurst out here in the country.

Tucker: Well, now that we're here Chester, are you going to show us around?

Chester: Certainly. What would you like to see?

Harry: I like to go for a walk in those woods.

Chester: That's a good idea Harry. The woods are very pretty this time of the afternoon.

Narrator: So off they went into the woods. And what a sight it was --- with the cricket hopping, the mouse running and the cat walking along behind.

Part Two

Narrator: Soon they were deep in the woods with trees on every side.

Harry: It's kind of dark in here Chester.

Chester: I know. But see how pretty it is with green light from the leaves shining everywhere. Look, even the white streaks in your fur look green.

Tucker: If you look straight up can see the sun a little through the trees. And smell how fresh the air is... (Takes exaggerated deep breath but chokes halfway through it) My goodness! What's that?

Chester (Laughing): That's a skunk. Something must have scared him. It's a good thing he wasn't any closer. Look. You can see him over there and... Oh no!

Tucker: That looks like Harry running toward us. Harry, are you the one that scared that poor skunk?

Harry (Dejected): I thought it was my cousin Bertram. Bertie has a white stripe.

Chester: You better go jump in that creek and wash some of the smell off. It's a good thing he just gave you a warning and not a real spray.

(Sound effect - splashes through next two lines)

Tucker: Poor Harry! I'm afraid he's not enjoying his trip to the country.

Chester: Well, nothing is ever all fun. He should be all right after he dries out.

(Sound effects out)

Tucker (Laughing): There's nothing funnier-looking than a wet cat!

Harry: You better be quiet before I throw you in the water. And if you tell our friends in the city about this...

Tucker (Still laughing): OK, Harry. I won't. I promise. But you still look funny!

Part Three

Narrator: Late in the day, as the setting sun was turning the Connecticut sky into a beautiful lacework of red and gold; a cricket, a mouse and a cat came slowly across a field to a neat, white-painted farm house.

Tucker: Chester, Harry and I really enjoyed our stay in the country.

Harry: It was delightful.

Tucker: I wish we didn't have to leave already. Say! Do you think it's safe for us to come so near a house? I mean - what if someone sees us? Look! There's a human now. Quick! Hide!

(Author's note: for "____" use name of the child playing girl)

Chester: Don't worry. That's "____". She's OK. Look, she sees us.

Girl: Mouse! Look out! There's a cat behind you!

Tucker: She doesn't know we're friend. Quick Harry, lick my face.

Harry(Gleefully): Gladly!

(Sound effect - Big, wet sluuuurp!)

Girl: (Scared) Oh! (Relieved) Oh. You must be friends. That cat just gave you a big friendly kiss. But look, he got you all wet.

Harry (Off mike): And there's nothing funnier than a wet mouse!

Girl: And look! It's Ricky Cricket.

Chester: "____" doesn't know my name is Chester. I better say hello.

(Sound effect - Cricket)

Girl: Hello Ricky. If you and your friends come over to the barn, I'll bet I can find some milk and cheese for them --- and some nice fresh leaves for you.

(Sound effect - Cricket twice)

Girl: And I'll get extra helpings of your favorite desert --- a big piece of liverwurst for each of you.

(Sound effect - Cricket three times)

Tucker: Oh boy! I gotta hand it to you Chester. You really know how to entertain a guest.

Harry: You can say that again!

Tucker: Oh, boy! I gotta hand it to you...

(Sound effect - Big, wet sluuuurp!)

Tucker: Hey! Cut that out! You wanna drown me?

Chester and Harry (Laughing): And there's nothing funnier than a wet mouse!

Omnes: (Laugh)

(Sound effect - Cricket under laughter)

(Author's note: Laughter and cricket fade out)