A Radio Script (With Sound Effects)

by Thomas H. Hunter

Allison Park, Pennsylvania - 196?

It was a cold September afternoon. The clock was just striking three.

SFX - Clock striking three

It had been raining all day.

SFX - Rain

Outside, my pet moose was calling plaintively at the back door.

SFX - Moose

I heard a car horn and the screech of brakes.

SFX - Car horn, Screech of brakes

"Oh dear," I thought and rushed into the living room.

SFX - Running footsteps

But before I reached it, there was a knock at the door.

SFX - Knocking

I opened it to reveal a very old man standing on the threshold. I was about to ask him his business when a gunshot rang out.

SFX - Door opens, Gunshot

The very old man fell dead at my feet. I was so startled I didn't know what to do so I took the money from his pockets and put it in my cash register.

SFX - Cash register