A Brief History Of The Verse Of Lenz-Veronos And The Transadlaptic Records

by Thomas H. Hunter

Allison Park, Pennsylvania - 1979

The book of supreme horror is The Verse Of Lenz-Veronos. It was transcibed on the barren planet Arman by the Lathogs, the only race of beings ancient enough to have known first hand of The Keepers.

The Verse is written in a strange hieroglyph that is capable of instant, though often vague, comprehension to the reader, no matter what his species, means of communication or language. It is said that the blind can read it by touch. Some, even when only in the presence of The Verse, are afflicted with frightening visions of endless black gulfs pierced by brilliant, vibrating, yet barely perceptible light.

No one who has seen The Verse has been able to desribe its method of printing. The reading of it is a thing that must be experienced to be understood. Totally alien concepts are recorded in the strange substance of its pages and are transmitted in some mysterious way to the reader. There is no impression of words, sentences or even reading at all as we know it. Each page causes a separate idea to impress itself upon the reader's mind. The effect is likened to sensing fleeting glimpses of an infinitely detailed, multi-dimensional photograph.

Understandably no copies can ever be made. The secret of the printing died horribly with the race of the authors. Many translations have been attempted but they are often conflicting descriptions of dreamlike fantasy.

The first translations were made by the later generations of Lathogs who had none of their ancestors' direct knowledge of The Keepers. Another attempt was made eons later by the ancient Tchodar race. More eons later, in rapid succesion as eons go, came partial translations by the H'Gindor tribe of stellar nomads, the crab-like beings of Yuggoth, the Great Race of rugose cones that once inhabited the Earth, the modern Tchodar and, finally, the Humans of Earth.

The most recent translation is by the semi-human Stram Drocer, founder and bane of the Drocer Institute of Tecnology. Drocer came upon the verse in a great subterranean vault which was discovered by an Institute research team.

From pre-ancient times, when the first of their race evolved on the planet used as a secreting place by the Lathogs, the Tchodar have followed the whereabouts of The Verse right up to the present. In addition they heve collected all the translations and recorded them in a volume that has come to be known as The Transadlaptic Records.

A copy of The Transadlaptic Records was brought to the Earth from Yuggoth. It was known to leaders of the forbidden cults fostered by the race of that dark, rolling planet of horror.

The Records left their mark on ancient Lemuria and Egypt. They were studied by the Arab Abdul Alhazred and drove him mad. More recently they were addended by the nefarious Stram Drocer whom they only angered slightly because of their incompleteness. A limited quantity of The Transadlaptic Records was printed in an imperfect Latin translation by an unknown agent during the fifteenth century. Copies are occasionally found in the possesion of surviving witch cults. There is no knowledge of the original Yuggoth copy which must have been destroyed or returned to the lightless planet hurtling through empty space toward its unknown fate.