My Teletypes

My 28 ASR

I bought this when I got back into the hobby about two years ago.
I paid $100 for it, which I now realize was about $95 too much
My local ex-Navy Teletype repairman gave up on it.
I had to remove a critter nest. The critter had rusted up the codelever bail.
It took me several hours studying the keyboard operation, locating the bail and finally freeing up it up.
I had been promised the wiring was original. It was a complete butcher job.
It took me a several hours tracing and replacing wires to get the break key working.
Knowing now how wires had ben cut and the ends hidden, it only took me an hour or two to get the bell working.
Next several of the letters printed too low. The vertical positioning arms on both sides of the typing unit were bent.
I managed to bend them back. Now it prints absolutely perfectly.
I still have to get the keyboard perforator working. It is very flaky.
The TD, at least, worked from the start.

My 28 ASR Kit

I am building up another 28 ASR from junk parts.
This is the "guts" (Thanks Bill.)
I had to replace the motor in my old ASR. This is the old motor with a new outboard capacitor.
None of the long shaft across the back would turn.
I had to replace a some missing couplings, oil each section and loosen it by hand until the motor could spin each one up.
The perforator and TD work well. The TD is 60 speed. The keyboard is flaky.
I do not have a cabinet for it, nor a typing unit, nor the rear cover for the TD.
Nick gave me all the cabinet wiring (Thank you Nick.) I have to find place to sit the LESU and plug it all together on the bench.

My Model 28 Skintight

This was my second Teletype. I paid $100 for it, never used! and a stack of Manuals
He also threw in some free items, I believe my two Dovetrons came from him,
two unopened cases of paper rolls, my first IRL-1000,
a Wavetek audio signal generator - which will go on the bench soon for new filter caps.
a Kantronics packet communicator3-still untested, and an ST6000A which does not power up.
Considering that the items that don't work were thrown in free, I have to call that a super deal.
To say "Thanks Bob," is an understatement.
The Dovetron above is on my own news wire and is available at all three locations where I have Teletypes.

I had been promised another skintight by another ham. It never materialized.
I had planned to bring up a double rack and have the two skintights sitting side by side, each on a different stream.

My Model 32 ASR

This was my third Teletype. (Thanks Pete, WA8TGG.)
For a couple months Pete had been promising me a 28. It turned out to be this 32.
I was only slightly dissapointed. I had been wanting a chance to play with a 32.
Even once I found the correct wiring diagram it took me about two weeks to confirm
each wire in it and bring out the loop. Then some jucicious oiling got it printing.
Finally I had to puzzle out the wiring to the magnet that operates the TD, and get that working.
I am glad to have it. I do not like chadless tape. I make all my test tapes on this 32.
And it makes copies of tapes perfectly!

Some day I will get that chad bucket mounted up right under the chad chute.

My 15 KSR

(Thank you Bill)
This was a kit. I had the opportunity to grab a base from a pile of bases,
a keyboard from a pile of keyboards, a typing uint from a pile of typing units, etc.
On first test, the mainshaft was stuck and the motor gear would grind.
An overnight bath in simple green and some oiling solved that problem.
Then one smaller problen after another,after another...
With much help from Greenkeyers, I now have it working perfectly.
Bill also gave me two 28 KSR kits.
I would rather work on a 15 any day than work on a 28!

I very badly want another 15.
I want to take two of them to a grade school where a friend is the security guard.
I want to set up two 15's for the kids to type back and forth on.
The operation of a 15 is much more intuitive than that of a 28.

My first Model 28 KSR

(Thanks Bill)
It is almost done. Obviously the glass needs replaced.
This is the printer that would not recognize a Line Feed character.
The local Line Feed worked fine. I managed to get the stuntbox sorted out. It now works well.
The keyboard MKIII does not work. I know where it is failing but cannot figue out why!

It is now printing very well. The bell and the End-of-Line light now also work.

My Second Model 28 KSR

(Thanks Bill)
This is a Western Union Cabinet. It looks to have the original wiring.

I replaced a weak spring on this MKII keyboard. That got it working.
The Space bar was disconnected. I attached it.

I put a good typing unit in it. It runs open on the local loop. I will have to trace the wiring.

No luck tracing the wiring. I finallay made a direct connection to the selector magnets.
The machine prints well now. Of course the keyboard is out of the loop.

I swapped this working keyboard with the bad one from the other 28 KSR.
Now the other is a completely working machine.

This one is virtually an RO with a bad keyboard that is not connected anyway.

My first 28 ROTR

with gearshift
(Thank you Bill)
I plan to give it a bath in Simple Green next summer.

2 more ROTR's

The one on the left I was building from junk parts.
It has already had a bath but will become a parts machine.
On the right is my second complete 28 ROTR with gearshift (Thank you Don)
I plan to also give it a bath in Simple Green next summer.

My 60 Speed 28 TD

(Thank you Bill)
Has had a bath.

My 100 speed 28 TD

(from eBay)
Will get a bath.
I don't have much use for it and Mr. RTTY does not have 60 speed gears!
Although I may use it to Make copies of tapes as soon as I get an ROTR with gearshift working well.

The motor capacitors were bad on both TD's.
As you can see, it is easy to mount new ones outboard.

By the way, the clutch magnets on a 28 TD will operate from 120VAC as these are.

Keyboard Typing Reperforator (KTR)

(Thank you Nick)
This is the way it came. Pretty dirty, Had to replace On-Off knob, Motor runs well after oiling,
The end-of-line light works if I help the keyboard.
Keyboard does not work and needs cleaned, Low tape microswitch does not work.
And it has 100 speed gears - not a lot of use to me.

I replaced the original Line cord and Loop wire (Left) with new ones (Right)

The old toothed belt pulley on my spare reperf does not match up with the gear on the KTR base.
I now know the proper gear to order from Mr. RTTY (Thanks again Nick)
The little jumper wire proved that the low-tape light works, so the trouble is in the microswitch.